Privacy Notice

New Data Protection Rules, effective from May 25 2018, require that members are informed of the personal information held by the Club and how it is used. They then have the opportunity to consent to this usage or to withhold consent, in which case their details will not be shared with anybody. Explicit consent is required – “opt in” by default is not permitted.

Personal details are maintained by the Club Secretary and Treasurer on a computer files and consist of Names, Addresses, Telephone Numbers (Home and Mobile) and Email addresses. This is used by the Secretary and other Club members for communications on Club matters.

Lists of Names, phone numbers and email addresses are supplied to all Club members, and to Northwood Ladies Bowling Club, for use in club activities such as arranging competitions. For some Club members this information may also be given to other Clubs or Bowling organisations (e.g. Harrow and District Bowling Association) for similar bowling related activities.

Committee Members Names and Telephone numbers will be shown in the Club fixtures handbook given to all members and to other Clubs. Their Names will also be shown on the Club website. In both cases this is under the general consent given by them.

As part of the 2018 Membership Renewal process each member will be given a copy of this notice and the necessary signature given in a section of the Membership Renewal form. This part of the form will be held by the secretary to provide the necessary record. In future members will be invited to give (or withhold) their consent when joining the Club.

Once this consent is given it will continue to apply whilst the member remains in the Club unless it is formally withdrawn by the member. If the manner in which the data is used by the Club changes members will be requested to give their consent for continued use of their data. On leaving the Club members’ details are removed from the Membership file.

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