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Sunday Morning Roll-ups


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At the Pre Season Meeting there was support for introducing weekend roll-ups, the most popular time being Sunday mornings. This was discussed at the last Committee Meeting and it was agreed that we shall go ahead. Format/timing etc. as follows:

• Starting time 10.30 am each Sunday commencing 29 April.

• There is no “priority” for either Club on Sundays so members from both may participate.

• There will be no Greenranger or teas organised – members to set up green and any refreshments themselves.

• Feel free to come along solo and play with whoever else turns up, or arrange your own group to play together.

• Despite the above it would be useful if everybody “signed in” on the Roll-up Sheets, which can be used not only to allocate rinks but will also provide a useful record of how popular the event is.

• Dress code (greys) applies.

• Players are responsible for clearing the Green after play and ensuring that everywhere is secured before leaving.

There will be other activities taking place in the Park and it is possible that some people will look in to watch play. These could be prospective new members so please give them the usual Northwood Bowls friendly welcome, answer any questions they may have, and direct them to the Club website for more information.