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Pre-season Meeting - Sunday 29th March 2020


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The Pre Season Meeting will be held on Sunday, 29 March, starting at 2.30pm. If you have not yet paid your subscription and competition entry fees you may do so at the meeting – cheques only please, no cash. If possible, please pay these in advance of the pre-season meeting to Cliff Short.

As usual the Greenranger and Match Teas rotas will be available at the meeting (and subsequently in the changing room) for you to sign up for your turn. This is done on a first come first served basis so if you want to be sure of getting your preferred dates sign up quickly and avoid the risk of being assigned by ballot dates that may not be convenient. Further details from Cliff Short at the meeting.

The other regular item at the meeting will be a request for assistance in Works “Week”, 7-9 April. This year we will not be pressure washing the path around the green and hopefully varnishing of benches will be minimal if at all. However there is still plenty to do in a general tidying up of the green surrounds and spring cleaning our buildings. None of this will be particularly strenuous and we hope to have plenty of willing hands. If you have any questions Richard Brown is the contact.

Last,  but not least, at the meeting there will be a list calling for volunteers to assist in various activities on the Open Day, Sunday 10 May. This is a very important event and we need as much participation as possible to ensure it is successful so please offer your services.

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